Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal from the Centre may happen because:

- The Parent of the child is voluntarily withdrawing them from the program

- A child has reached the maximum age he or she can be at the Centre;

- He/she cannot adjust to the program

- There is an accommodation shortage; or

- Required childcare fees have not been paid.

For all withdrawals, whether the Centre Director or the Parent makes the request, at least two weeks notice in writing is required. Withdrawal forms are available from the staff.

Withdrawal by Parent

If adequate notice is not received, payment of the full fees for the two-week period will be required.

Withdrawal due to a Maximum Age Requirements

When a child reaches the maximum age that he/she can be in the program, the Director will notify the Parent, in writing, of the date by which the child will be withdrawn.

Withdrawal due to Child's inability to Adapt to Program

Sometimes children have difficulty adapting to the program or to the Centre's environment. If there is ongoing challenging behaviour we will work together to solve the situation. At times we will refer to or involve other agencies for advice and assistance. If, however, the parents of a child exhibiting challenging behaviour are not willing to work with the Centre to resolve the situation, or the child is putting himself/herself or others at risk, Early Adventures will have no alternative but to give a notice of "withdrawal of services".

Withdrawal due to Accommodation Shortage

Each age group at the Centre is licensed by the Ministry of Education. Based on the availability of space at the time a child is moving into the next age group, there is no guarantee that the Centre will be able to accommodate him/her.

In such instances, the Director will request that children be withdrawn from the program. The Centre will make every effort to ensure all children are accommodated and move from one age group to the next.

Withdrawal due to Unpaid Childcare Fees

Fees that are late will be subject to a late fee of $5.00 per day. If fees are one week late, your childcare space may be at risk as your child may not be accepted until fees are received or withdrawal notice may be given.