Routine is important for young children and helps develop feelings of security and order. Each classroom has a general schedule that includes time for indoor and outdoor play, lunch and snacks, hygiene, and structured activities. These schedules can be accessed by clicking on one of the classrooms below:


Each month we send home a newsletter and a calendar outlining activities the children will be involved in for the coming month. This calendar will also be posted near each classroom entrance. A planned development program is designed around weekly themes and children's interests. Areas covered include literacy, number sense, creative/art, science, dramatic play, cognitive, gross motor, sensory, music, drama and social emotional. The program is based on age appropriate goals to aid in development of communication skills, social skills, organization, the ability to problem solve, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Our centre follows the Early Learning Framework established in the ELECT Document* , developed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. The Early Learning Framework is posted in every classroom and available for parents to view.

Early Adventures uses How Does Learning Happen? (HDLH) as a framework to guide our programming and pedagogy.

The classrooms are set up in seperate play areas to complement the weekly themes. Children can move freely from one to another during free play, or may all participate together in a planned activity. The weekly program is posted in each classroom. Parents are always encouraged to discuss their child's development with teachers.

During our Summer Programs we will schedule special days (eg. Crazy Hair Days, Water Fun, etc...) that will be clearly marked on the child's calendar. We may also plan trips or activities outside of the centre.