Please label all clothing and belongings that your child brings to the Centre.

Your child should be dressed in clothing that is appropriate for physical activity, the weather, and the season. While we do provide the children with smocks and put soaps in our paints, sometimes clothing does get dirty.

A complete change of clothing should always be provided for those unexpected toileting accidents, spills, or mishaps. For your child's comfort please be sure sufficient extra clothing is available. (One or Two complete changes of clothing, or four or more if your child is toilet training.)

Please replace any soiled items sent home the next day. Please note that staff are not responsible for lost articles that are not labeled properly.

Each year we end up with extra clothing that is not properly labeled. Any items that are not claimed will be used as extra daycare clothing or donated to charity.

    Information for Parents


Each child's birthday is acknowledged and celebrated at the centre.

**At this time due to Covid-19, we are not accepting any treats from outside of the centre**

Although the Centre is non-denominational, we do celebrate major Christian holidays like Easter and Christmas through non-religious programming. We welcome the opportunity to learn about and join in other cultural and religious festivals. If you would like to share a special festival with us, talk to the director or your child's teacher. We can assist you in planning an activity for your child's class.


A receipt will be issued annually, by no later than the last business day in February of each year, for fees paid during the previous calendar year. Your receipt will be mailed to you at the address on file if you have already withdrawn your child from the Centre.


If your child will be absent we require that you contact Early Adventures by 9:00 a.m. and advise the centre of the reason your child will be absent and the duration of the absence.

Should your child have contacted a communicable disease it is essential that we be informed immediately. This enables us to be alert for any spreading of the disease within the Centre. A doctor's certificate stating that your child is free of the disease and infection will be required for readmission.


If your doctor prescribes medication for your child, it can be administered by the designated staff at the Centre according to the following procedures:

- Only doctor prescribed medication will be administered

- Parents must fill in and sign the medication authorization form daily, located in a binder in the classroom

- All medication must be recent and in it's original packaging

- All medication must be clearly labeled by a pharmacist with the child's name, the medical practitioner's name, name of the medication, dosage to be taken and how often, the date of purchase and instructions for storage

- The medication will be kept in a designated locked box in the locked cupboard of the classroom or in a locked box in the refridgerator

- The designated staff will sign the Medication Form when medication is administered.

- Any unused/expired medicatin shall be returned to the parents prior to the expiration date and new medication to be supplied to the Centre (if applicable). This will be documented on the Medication Form

- Staff will no exceed the recommended doage as per the instructions on the container

- Medication should never be left in your child's bag. It must be handed directly to a teacher.


An extreme cold weather alert is in effect when Environment Canada predicts extreme weather conditions or a temperature of -15 degrees Celsius or lower without wind chill. During an extreme cold advisory children can still participate in outdoor acitivites; however outdoor time is minimized and staff ensure that children are appropriately dressed in warm layers of clothing, including winter coats, hates, gloves and boots. Teachers will monitor and record weather bulletins for: smog warning, heat alert, wind chill etc. in order to ensure safe outdoor play.


Acceptable methods of Payment:  cheque, money order

Fees are due and payable on:

- The last day of each month, for the following month - Cheque Fees (post-dated)

Please make cheques out to Early Adventures C.C.C

All NSF cheques are subject to a service fee of $25.00